Saturday, April 25, 2009

Top Bachelorette Party Ideas

Top Bachelorette Party Ideas. Wither its your bachelorette party or your very best girlfriend you want the night to go perfectly and you want all your very best girls to have a good time. You just don't know what to do yet...You've come to the right place below are the top things to do for a great night and the perfect Bachelorette Party !

Top Bachelorette Party Ideas

1. Pamper Party or Spa Day- Have a girls day trip to the spa or have a spa party in your very own living room.

2. Flirty Girl Fitness - Located in Chicago and Canada its a dance workout club that teaches you moves you can use to get fit and heat things up in the bedroom. Think pole dancing classes and chair dancing . If you don't have a workout center like this in your neighborhood, you can grab the workout tape and get funky with it by making your own party in your home.

3. Casino or Race Track- Invite the girls out for a day or night of gambling, you might even win some money to help pay for your wedding. Just don't get carried away.

4. Karaoke- Go out to a fun Karaoke bar or get a Karaoke machine for your house. Make sure everyone has a chance to sing.

5. Husband and Wife To Be Party- Some couples like having both parties together so mix it up and have a great time by mingling with friends and other couples.

6. Fondue Party- Gets lots of dip and cheese and have your girls make their own desserts.

7. Party Girl- Go out to a dance club and shake your groove thing all night long.

8. Comedy Girls- Grab your best girls and go to a comedy club and laugh the night away. Its also a great way to relieve stress from the wedding.