Sunday, December 27, 2009

Wedding Jewelry for Brides

Wedding Jewelry for Brides. Finding the perfect jewelry to wear on your wedding day can be quite a task. You have to make sure you chose something elegant that can either go with your dress, or make your dress pop. Another way to go is subtle, just make sure you don't over do or under-do you look. Look below for ideas you can wear on your wedding day.

Glamorous- Glitz and glamour of shiny pieces that stand out.

Classic- The modern girl who loves the older feel we're talking pearls.

Romantic- Vintage pieces that make you feel timeless.

Modern- Simplistic, trendy, and chic.

Beachy- Relaxed and laid back, pieces inspired by the sea.

Bohemian- Zen and earthy styles that keep you one with nature.

image and source: brides