Thursday, April 30, 2009

Tips for Finding A Wedding Gown / Dress

Top Tips for Finding A Wedding Gown / Dress. Finding the perfect wedding gown or dress can be very difficult, and these days there are so many styles and designs to choose from. Do you want a short dress, one with ruffles, flowers, a veil. It can be quite over whelming to say the least. Look below for wedding shopping tips.

Tips for Finding A Wedding Gown/Dress

1. If the person assisting you at the salon shows you a dress that at first glance doesn’t quite seem your style, just try it on anyway. Experienced shop people tend to develop an eye for how dresses will work with certain body types. You never know what will end up looking great on you until you try it on.

2. Always bring your friend or mother so you can get more than one opinion.

3. Try looking for sample sales, you can find great designer gowns for great prices.

4. Before going shopping print out pictures and styles of dresses you like to bring to the store. The sales lady might have a similar dress for you.

5. Make sure before going to the store that you have a price range and a known amount of how much money you want to spend, this way you don't end up over spending.

6. Book your appointment ahead of time and on a weekday. This is when the stores are less crowded and the sales lady can spend more of her attention on you.

7. Wear the right undergarments, make sure you have all of the right undergarments that you plan on wearing on your wedding day. This way you can get a better idea of how your dress is going to look on the big day.