Tuesday, September 05, 2006

How much is this wedding going to cost me?

How much is this wedding going to cost me?

Unless you are incredibly wealthy, when the time comes
to get married you will find yourself asking the
question: How much is this going to cost?
Unfortunately, the days of the Bride’s family paying
for the wedding are mostly over.

As men and women are waiting until they are older to get married, the
financial responsibility of the wedding has shifted
from their parents to themselves. The following is a
description of approximately how much the average
wedding costs, and what the expenses are. Keep in
mind that this is an average amount, which means that
you can certainly spend a great deal more, or less,
depending on your income and your tastes.

Would you believe that the average wedding spends
about eight hundred dollars on flowers? It shouldn’t
be all that surprising, as flowers add to the beauty
and sentiment of your wedding. They are one area that
you can trim your budget on, however, if you want to
try something creative. You can find these creative
suggestions online or in any bridal magazine. Just
keep in mind, doing it yourself requires time and
patience, two things that can be in short supply while
planning your wedding. a video of your wedding day
will run an additional thousand dollars, on average.

Photography also takes a significant portion of your
budget, and depending on what you choose to do you can
find yourself spending anywhere from nine hundred to
twenty five hundred dollars. When all is said and
done, your photographs will be all that you have when
your wedding is over, and you want them to be the best
that they can be. Don’t cut corners on the
photography expense, as you may live to regret it.

Your average set of invitations, announcements and
thank you notes can set you back around five hundred
dollars. If you are looking to trim your budget this
is an ideal place to save money. If you have a friend
who has neat handwriting, consider asking him/her to
address your invitations for you. It will also cost
less if you choose a simple invitation compared to a
more formal one.

Music is essential to every wedding as it sets the
mood and provides the entertainment. You can expect
to spend about $1500 on the music for your wedding.
The officiant and the ceremony site will cost around
$400, and transportation to the site, $450. You will
want to buy your attendants gifts for their support
and help, and the average cost for these gifts is
about $400. A set of wedding bands averages out to
$500, the rehearsal dinner around $1000. The reception
can run anywhere from $5000 to $8000. The wedding
dress purchase and the tuxedo rental will come to
around $1500. No one ever said getting married was

The average total cost of a wedding comes to around
$25,000. Do keep in mind that this is just an
average, you can still have a fantastic wedding for a
fraction of that cost if you are savvy and do some
things yourself.

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