Sunday, September 30, 2007

Affordable Flower Girl Dresses

When my girlfriend asked me to be her matron of honor at her wedding I was honored. When she asked my daughter to be the flower girl I was thrilled. When I considered that I had to buy two gowns for the occasion I was apprehensive. That was until I discovered that there are tons of affordable flower girl dresses available on the market today.

I secretly wanted the bride to reconsider her choice in flower girls not only because of the expense but because of the stress associated with having a toddler as the center of attention during the crucial moments before the wedding ceremony. We discussed some options starting with affordable flower girl dresses.

It was thrilling to discover that there are so many options when it comes to little girls’ formal attire at reasonable prices. I was also thrilled that the bride was going to let my daughter accompany me down the isle rather than letting her go it alone during the procession. This took a load off of my mind.

When the bride initially suggested that I shop online for affordable flower girl dresses I thought that she lost her mind. How was I going to sift through the thousands of options available on the Internet? I really thought that there was no way that I could narrow down the search but I was so wrong.

In no time at all I was looking at affordable flower girl dresses that were as low as 28.99 and that is brand spanking new! These outfits are really stunning and the only problem I had was narrowing down my choices to just a handful. Good thing that I have a lot of ink in my printer because I had many pictures to print for the bride to see.

Ironically, I found that one of the cheaper kids’ gowns was the one that I really liked the best. Of course, I had to consult the bride as to which of the affordable flower girl dresses she wanted me to get but I figured with prices as low as 28.99 online I really couldn’t go wrong.

She wasn’t too thrilled with my top choice but she loved my second pick. In fact, she didn’t really need to see any more affordable flower girl dresses after seeing that one. For 35 bucks I had a great dress for my little one and I even had extra cash for accessories.


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