Wednesday, July 29, 2009

How to Make Your Wedding A Green Wedding (Earth Friendly Wedding Tips)

How to Make Your Wedding A Green Wedding (Earth Friendly Wedding Tips). Many people these days love going green and your wedding should be no exception. Look below to learn great tips for making your wedding earth friendly.

Use plants as centerpieces. It’s just a fact of life that cut flowers die quickly. So, why waste hundreds or thousands of them when you could use a plant that could live indefinitely? Just like with cut floral arrangements, you can go as big or as small as you want to, from little white cups of wheatgrass to giant orchids. Then, after the wedding you can keep them all for your home, or give them away to guests.

Don’t throw things. Uncooked rice is bad for birds. And if you’ve ever opened a holiday card from an overzealous aunt, then you know that glitter and confetti are bad for everyone. Even bubbles leave a sticky residue. So why not forego all these problems and just hand out hankies for everyone to wave, instead? They’re quaint, sweet, and totally reusable.

Go draft or keg for beer. I’m not saying you should turn your wedding into a frat party or anything, but if you’re serving beer, what’s the point of wasting all those bottles? Yes, of course, you can and should recycle them, but why use them at all? Your booze bill will be cheaper and your conscious cleaner (not to mention the environment).

Go vintage. Who says everything at a wedding has to be new? Go with a retro theme and you and everyone else can buy fabulous vintage clothes. If you’re not into vintage, then buy a designer gown used. It’s easy, cheaper than paying retail, and cuts down on all the emissions used in garment manufacturing. Ahhh, recycling at its most fashionable.

Buy only the best diamonds. I’m not talking clarity here, I’m talking clear-headed. The diamond industry has a dark cloud of questionable practices looming over it, including slavery and other human rights abuses. But if you go with a reputable jeweler that openly declares their diamond-buying practices, you’ll be doing everyone a favor, and what’s good for people is good for the planet we live on.

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